Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Here. Have another poem.

The Crowd

She hates going to these parties.
She doesn’t like the crowds.
But she goes because he wants her to.
She goes because she loves him.
So she enters on his arm
but slips away while he mingles.
She hovers by the hors d'oeuvres
and glances at the clock
waiting to leave.
Passing the time
daydreaming to the music.
Until she sees a face
step out of the crowd
to hide in the same quiet corner as she.
He’s nothing special at first.
A face in the crowd
she wouldn’t normally look twice at.
When he speaks to her
it’s only small talk.
When she replies
it’s only to be polite.
Until she feel’s something
beneath the casual banter.
Something unspoken.
When he comes closer
she can’t look away.
The song changes.
He takes her hand
and they begin to dance.
The scent of her skin is familiar to him.
His arms feel like home to her.
The music takes them.
Their bodies lead
but their souls are at the wheel.
They whisper as they dance.
Talk of the here and now
turns into talk of the past
hers, his, heartache, misery, struggles.
They stare into each other’s eyes
he whispers that she’s beautiful
just before their lips touch.
That one moment brings everything together.
One dance becomes several.
A night transforms into weeks
until they’re standing at the altar
staring into each other’s eyes
as they say “I do”
and their lips meet again.
Night after night they spend in one another’s arms.
Each carrying the other through life
crying on each other’s shoulders.
Until they grow old together.
They lie on their deathbeds
holding hands.
When they take their last kiss
it is just like the first time.
They gaze into the other’s eyes
into each other’s souls,
he whispers that she’s beautiful…
…the song changes.
The slow melody clangs
into a fast one
and she feels a tap on her shoulder.
The one she came with
is waiting to take her home,
reminding her that she already has a life.
So she parts with this man
who never was a stranger
her heart forever changed
the words “I love you”
never spoken on their lips
but the reality of their unconditional
irrefutable and irreversible love
is echoed in his eyes
as she glances at him one last time
before disappearing into the crowd.