Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy almost Halloween!

I've been so busy with finishing my draft that I've neglected writing creepy Halloween short stories and poems, so I'll have to share an old one.
A few years ago I co-moderated an online poetry group. The other moderator was this guy in California who sometimes seemed utterly brilliant and other times seemed like a crazy bitter dude who never got anywhere in life and took that bitterness out on others. He liked to keep me guessing. Anyway, he got me into writing poetry through the POV of psychopaths and other crazy people. It's good practice for getting into the minds of your antagonists when it comes time to put them in your novel. And also, it's fun.

So, a warning, this one's a bit on the disturbing side. Read at your own risk and happy almost Halloween!

Cameron's Dream

Cotton candy bubblegum is the best
Pops it in his mouth and reaches in the desk
He stares at the sharp point of the scissors
Still stained with the beginnings of rivers
Of her blood when he sliced the witch open
But in his mind, he’d only just begun
If only he could take her to the dungeon
To tie her up and start to have some fun
Knives sharper than scissors along her body
Pushing deeper as she screams like a banshee
Hot wax from Mother’s precious candles
In her wounds is his ice cream with sprinkles
He pauses, thinking of what he’ll do next
And jumps as the ruler slaps down on his desk
Cameron! Pay attention and spit the gum out!
He glares at Teach, wishing he could slap that witches snout
Becky turns around, finger-bandaged and eyes wide
He flashes the scissors and she wishes she could hide
She scoots her desk forward and whispers a prayer 
But Cameron still spits his gum right in the center of Becky's hair.