Thursday, October 1, 2015

Happy October!

In case anyone didn't know, it's October! I'm so excited! Fall is my favorite time of year, and I can't wait to share all sorts of dark creepy ghoulish humorous and just plain freaky poems and stories. That's what October's for, right? 
So, since it's the first of October, we'll start with a nice little entrance into a haunted house. 


The line is moving too fast.
  How happy you would be to wait forever rather than
    Enter this fabled mansion of ghostly horrors.

              Moving forward, you take the step that leads you
            Over a threshold where spine-tingling terrors await.
          Not knowing what’s to come is half the fun.
        Sanguine lights glimmer and glow and
      Trepidation fills your heart as it unites itself with the beating drums of hell.
    Exploring halls that twine, you search until you find a nook in which to hide.
  Resting inside, you chuckle at your own fear until your chortles are choked by
Skeletal hands around your throat.

Instinct brings you strength and you crush your boney captors into dust.
  No more skeletons in this closet. No more, no more.

    Trembling legs carry you forward.
  Hellbound you go, though you don’t want to know what else is in this show.
Empty holes and hollow spaces begin to fill with the devils of your nightmares.

Heaven might lie in front of you.
  Angry blood courses through your veins as your blind eyes smash you into solid wall.
    Uneven terrain stretches to the starless sky; swallowing you,
      Never to spit you out again.
        The cold damp walls open to your outstretched hands,
          Entreating you to come forward, so you
            Double your speed with an intense need to leave.

        Heavy footfalls reverberate behind you, but it’s the
      Open grave that causes you to lose your footing.
    Underneath you lies empty eye sockets and
  Shriveled skin. Screams escape you only to
Echo off the hollow walls of your oubliette.

Ashes cling to your hands and knees as you crawl,
  Reaching your way upwards to the top and you vow to
    End this night of lies and broken promises.

                          Moving in circles you search for the entrance.
                        At least you know what lies behind.
                      Nothing is worse than not knowing what is to come.
                    Infinite possibilities of perilous pain lie ahead.
                  Fear is what those who taunt you with their laughter came for, but
                Escape is all you
              Seek as you
            Tell yourself you should never have entered this cursed place.
          Alas, the pain of the past is better than
        The uncertainty of the future.
      Illusions. Only illusions, you tell yourself
    Of the unfamiliar shadows you traverse.
  Nothing looks quite the same, but
Surely you turned back; surely you are on the right path.

Over discarded bones of broken souls you step,
  Feet treading carefully in fear of falling once more.

      You grasp what is masked as a doorknob,
    Only in your hands rests a still beating heart that pumps blood
  Unto the floor, pooling at your feet,
Reigniting your desire for escape.

Obscenely, the heart continues to beat,
  Willing you to relive the breakage it’s suffered.
    Never again, you swear, and run towards fresh air.

          Doors pass you by, doors that lead to the triumphant light at the end, and
        Emptiness sinks in as you come to the entrance and find yourself alone.
      Madness was on that path. Madness and sadness and nothing but badness.
    Outside again, it doesn’t look as it once did.
  Never, you whisper with lips that tremble as the truth begins to break you apart:
Surrender to the unknown, or forever suffer this endless twisted spiral of suffering.