Monday, January 18, 2016

Aliens--A Poem


Sometimes it seems like we come from another planet.
People go out of their way to let us know that we’re not like them.
We do live in fascination and fear of the creatures here, for we don’t always speak their language.
There are many things on this vastly foreign place we enjoy, like french fries and pizza.
We play to make the most of our stay, though at times we wish to run and hide.

Once upon a time we always had to hide.
They locked the doors and threw away the keys to their precious planet.
We cannot forget the dazing days of biting beige when we dreamt of the goodness of pizza.
Neglected in graceless grays just because we weren’t like them.
We still felt the fear and shame even though we didn’t speak their language.

We endured till the dawn of a better day, but still flounder to express their language.
We live our lives pretending we don’t see the stares that say they still wish we would hide.
We persevere through perseverations caused from the trauma of being dust-coated dolls to them,
Knowing they’ll never admit it was they who made us an enemy to this planet.
Every step we take up the down escalator stings and at times we cannot savor a bite of pizza.

We try to pretend we don’t know there is more to life than a savory slice of pizza.
Our tongues betray by way of babbles while barricaded inside our brains is their language.
Rockier journeys and murkier nights and there is still so much we will never reach on this planet
Tantalizing touches and sweet solitude in moss-covered corners hide—
Things that are taken for granted by them.

Alas, we must continue marching onward in our quest to live like them.
As much as they do, we deserve trials and treasures and slices of pizza.
Intuitive observations reveal the irony that within them is the same desire to hide.
We work to swallow our frustration as they now try to speak our language.
With scab-encrusted wounds we prepare future generations for this poisonous planet.

Maybe one day we will understand one another’s language, for we all come from the same planet.
Perhaps on that same day, fear and shame will be the only things that are forced to hide
And on that day we will all share a slice of pizza and realize that no one is exactly like “them.”