Monday, January 4, 2016

Hearing Silence - A Poem

Hearing Silence -- An absurdist rhyme poem that may not be absurd at all. 

Your lips move as your secrets pour out in a rush. 
I see you speak, but I can only hear a hush.  
So I cover my ears with the big fuzzy muffs.  
Now I smell your words and they taste just like cheesepuffs. 
My insight of you is an answer to my prayers. 
As soon as we finish putting away the chairs,
we’ll laugh and celebrate the death of your dog,
and we’ll dance among the clouds following the fog.
We’re awed by the rainbow of colors, all of them green.  
But the chairs are glued down, and our struggle is obscene.  
We try until our eyes sweat and our fingers bleed.
Your voice turns foreign and you run away with such speed.
The words pouring from your lips look like the number two,
I see them move, but all I hear is silence from you.