Sunday, March 13, 2016

The savior and the destroyer

It's been years since I've written a new poem, except for some random haikus, but I had this idea this morning so I wrote it. It's a bit weird, and a bit dark, so consider yourself warned. (One of these days I'm going to stop apologizing for being dark.)

The savior and the destroyer 

They lived in a world of fear, though they tried to be happy in spite of it.
They went about their daily lives:
they got up, went to work, had dinner with the family, went to bed, and started again.
But still, everyday reminded them of their fear:
shootings, robberies, riots, rapes, terrorists, hate crimes, the list goes on
until the fear grew teeth that gnawed them from the inside out; it began to devour.

Hope appeared—a specter stepped out of the shadows.
He’s a mystic; when he spoke he gave them answers. 
People travelled far to see this one man and tell him their woes.
Really he’s a king and they are his worshippers.
Like a loving father, he wraps them in his arms.
The end began the moment they fell for the savior’s charms.

For the savior wasn’t alone when he sauntered out of the shadows to a seat of sanctimony, for in his silhouette slinked the destroyer, a man who didn’t hide his vile nature behind his smile. His fun came with guns and it was time to play the blame game and he divided the masses against each other. The savior alone was unafraid: “Keep doing it my way and we will see a better day.” But it was too late. If only they’d known that the savior and the destroyer were one and the same. They learned that they hadn’t truly known fear until they gave everything to the destroyer.