Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Title Reveal!

     I'm not sure if "title reveal" is even a thing, but I guess I'm making it a thing. I might've mentioned once or twice that I'm getting ready to release my YA dark fantasy in serial format. It's about three seventeen year old girls living in a small town called Caribou Canyon. I've been calling the story Caribou Canyon mainly because that was the easiest thing to call it, but I never really liked it as a title. It doesn't have enough pop. It lacks pizzazz. 

     I'm not that great with titles, or at least that's what I tell myself. Really, my issue is that I don't spend a lot of time sitting down and thinking of titles. I just write the stories and hope the titles will eventually come to me, which they sometimes do. I was hoping that would happen with Caribou Canyon, but no such luck. I realized I better hurry up and think of something, or else I'll be stuck with a title that tells nothing about the story. 

     The other night I couldn't sleep, so I decided there was no time like the present to sit down and tackle my title problem. I thought back to my elementary school days when I learned how to brainstorm. The idea was that you were supposed to write down every thought that came to you, no matter how much it sucked (although those were not the words the teacher used). So I did. I wrote down every noun, verb, and adjective I could think of that had anything to do with my story. Then I started putting them together into titles. 

     To my great relief, I actually came up with one I like. Before I tell you what it is, I'm going to share with you some of my rejected ideas. Why? Because I love you guys. 

     Some things I will not be titling my book: The Trio, Let's Make a Deal, Triple Threat, Twisted Trades and Deadly Dreams, Caribou Canyon: Live Your Dreams, Just Ignore the Screams

     Yes, those were all things I actually wrote down. Okay, ready for the real title? Drumroll please.

     City of Secrets.

     But actually, that's not quite right. Since I am so awesome and clever I'm going to spell it "Sity of Secrets." 

     No. Just kidding. That would be dumb. 

     I'm spelling it "City of Cecrets." Now that's cool. Okay, I'm totally kidding again. When I was in high school I decided I was going to spell my name Becee. I did it for about 3 years. I wrote it that way on all my papers, assignments, tests, letters to relatives, and pretty much everything that required me to write my name. It drove my teachers and family crazy, but I insisted on it and got really mad whenever people said it should be pronounced Beesy and not Becky. 

     But, no need to worry. I now spell my name Becky, and I will be spelling my title "City of Secrets." So, one more problem has been conquered and I am one step closer. More exciting updates to come soon!