Saturday, May 28, 2016

City of Secrets--Much anticipated updates!

     I've been neglecting my blog again. Not too terribly, but I've definitely been posting less than I'd like. Since my big project right now is getting City of Secrets (still getting used to the new title) ready to be released as a serial, I figured it's time for an update.

     I finally finished reading and taking notes on the first draft, which was a feat in and of itself, considering that it was a whopping 250k words. Did I mention that before? That's one of the big reasons I've decided to go with the serial format. It's just too long to work any other way. As I was reading, I realized that most of what I have is pretty solid. I only pantsed in the very beginning. For the most part, I knew where the story was going. So actually, I need to add scenes to the new version, rather than delete them. Yeah.

     For the most part, I was impressed with the first draft. That isn't to say there weren't some cringe-worthy moments, but overall it was pretty solid. I put more effort into it than I usually do for first drafts, which is why I haven't been calling it a rough draft. Actually, it's more like a one and a half draft, but I'm not going to write that out every time. I'm not saying it's perfect. The writing can be smoother and tighter and I'm excited to make the story grow (I mean its strength, not word count). What's even more exciting (and heartening) is that I feel as though what I have on my hands is more of a revision, rather than a full rewrite, which is really encouraging.

     I've started taking notes on the changes that I'll be making for this next round and started on what is likely to be the largest outline ever. I also got a map of Colorado--a real, actual, paper map--and drew in the city and county of Caribou Canyon (located between Pitkin County and Lake County--the nearest real cities are Aspen and Leadville--in case anyone's curious). This made me feel a bit like God, until I tried to refold the stupid thing. Refolding maps is the real reason people use GPSs.

     The best part is, I've finally started on the actual writing! Yay! It's incredibly refreshing after spending so much time preparing. I felt like I would never get there. I know the prep is necessary, but it's exhausting and mind-numbing in a way that writing isn't. The actual writing is what I love, and I was starting to pine for it. Now that I've started writing, it all feels real. I'm really doing this, and I feel like it's going to be really good. My book is going to be out for the world soon, and I'm going to tell everyone I know to read it. I've even hoping one or two strangers may read it.  :-)
More updates coming soon!