Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hello, October, how I've missed you...

Happy October! It's here again! I'm not really sure when this became my favorite time of year, but it is. There's just something about the air--it has a smell and a feel to it. And the leaves, and everything! So, here are some haikus I whipped up this morning to welcome wonderful October.

Note: each of these is a separate poem.

Leaves falling softly.
Rustling noises in the wind.
But is it just leaves?


Gentle night breeze cools.
Leaves descend in a rainbow;
What is dead moves on.


When the masks go on
Evil doesn’t have to hide.
The hunting begins.


Change is in the air:
Energy is felt; cold wind.
The veil grows thin.


Cool air, shorter nights.
The breeze whispers its secrets.
You know what’s out there.


Happy October! Happy Autumn! 

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