Monday, October 31, 2016

Monster Poetry--The Werewolf

You didn't think I was going to let October pass without posting another in my monster series of poems, did you? I can't leave the werewolf out. That would be monster discrimination, and I give equal opportunity to all monsters. They have feelings too.

Happy Halloween!

The Nature of the Wolf

What is nature?
Is it the thing that drives us, or the thing that weighs us down?
A ball and chain that keeps us from our true desires,
A cage that imprisons us.
Is nature beautiful or ugly?
I think it can be both.
One only needs to watch the effects of Mother Nature to know that.
Maybe I am both beautiful and ugly.
There is a need in me to howl at the moon like a madwoman,
Run through the forest feeling the wind in my hair,
And the ground barely touching my feet.
I only get to fulfill this need once a month.
It’s not as a woman that I howl,
But as a fierce wolf, a creature of the forest.
The wolf tears into flesh with sharp teeth
That are somehow mine, but also belong only to the wolf.
The wolf and I feel more than hunger when we tackle our prey,
Tearing it apart.
As much as I love the feast,
I also love the hunt.
Laying in wait, stalking, chasing.
But is that only my nature 3 days of the month?
What am I the other 25?
Must I have compassion on those days?
Am I human, with human nature and human instincts,
Morals, ethics, and feelings?
Why then, do I count the days?
Why do I long for the full moon?
Why do I long for the hunt?
I dream of bathing in my victims blood,
Of lapping up every last drop,
Of letting the forest know:
It is mine.
Wolf or woman—it is mine.
But must I wait till the full moon?
I may not have sharp teeth or claws,
Or the senses of the wolf,
But nature is nature.
The desire is in me.
The wolf is in me.
The same ecstasy can come from
Knowing that it is my arm driving the knife inside,
That I made my victim’s blood flow.
I have to do something to pass the time between full moons.
It is my nature. 


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