Sunday, October 9, 2016

Screw the Misogynistic BS

This is a poem I wrote several years ago. I love it and am proud to have written it. I shared it in a private online group, and got mixed results. Some people loved it and understood it, and others were ignorant morons about it, but that was to be expected. I've wanted to share it again for a long time, but held off because it's intense, angry, and explicit. But, given the current climate, I'm thinking: what the hell? I think it's time to share it again. :)

Like I said, it's explicit. It's full of strong language and sexual innuendos. If you don't like that sort of thing, then don't read it. Otherwise, enjoy. :)


Somethin’s got me screamin’ loud as a banshee:
The shit I hear, the shit see . . .
Shit, I thought I was livin’ in the 21st Century.
I’m instant messagin’, loggin’ on, jackin’ in
But somethin’ is crawlin’ up my skin:
The creeps and freaks and their treachery from the last century.
I’m walkin’ while I’m Tweetin’
Typin’ while I’m skypin’
But barbarians are pullin’ at my skin,
Cause they ain’t in the 21st century.
Drivin’ in my car or dancin’ at the bar
Wherever I go I’m still made into a show.
These ball-scratchin’ authoritarians in the studio
Still think it’s their damned rodeo.
But I want nothin’ to do with their trajectory,
Maybe they belong in a penitentiary.

Listen up, barbarians.
Sit down, shut up,
It’s time for a mother fuckin’ shake-up.
Let’s settle the score: I ain’t your goddamn whore.
What I hear’s rape to my ears:
Shake this, shake that
Jump, pump, grind while you wind
And show me that behind.

Give it up.
You ain’t got no swag,
You ain’t all that.
If you blame it on my rag, I’ll swat you like a gnat.
You’re tearin’ at my seams, but I ain’t afraid.
If my booty’s in your hands, it’s cause I put it there.
If I wanna swallow I’ll swallow
My tongue or spit it back in your face.
Swallow your own pathetic bullshit.
What’s this I see? What’s that I hear?
I’m throwin’ a fit? I’m inappropriate?
You think I’m mistaken and fakin’ my rage.
You love women:
Every man should have one in a cage.

I ain’t got the answers at this stage.
I ain’t no visionary.
I can’t put you all in a penitentiary.
But guess what? It’s the 21st century
And you’ll be feelin’ my foot up your ass
Before you feel my mouth around your mass
Cause I ain’t no good little lass.

So what do you think of my wit?
Does it make you wanna spit? Quit? Split?
I hope so, but I doubt it,
So I only got one more thing left to say:
Fuck this shit.