Monday, April 10, 2017

City of Secrets: And More Characters!

Here's a teaser about Natasha, the last (but not least) of the three main characters in "City of Secrets".

     Natasha stood, just as the first drops of rain landed on her head. Seconds later pellets of water were striking her in the face. She struggled to weave her way out of the cluster of headstones, but between the wind pushing at her chest and the rain hitting her in the face, it wasn’t easy. Once she was in the clearing that surrounded the graves she picked up speed, but a second later she jumped back, gasping in surprise. 
      A man blocked the path. It was his stillness combined with the brown of his dated suit that made him blend with the trees. Maybe that was why she hadn’t noticed him at first. He didn’t look much older than Natasha, in his twenties maybe. His eyes—the same muddied color of the path he stood on—looked sad. “You should go home.” His voice was so soft that it should’ve been swallowed by the wind, but instead the gust seemed to carry it to Natasha’s ears and place it inside, as if she alone were meant to hear it.
      I—I know. I am. You should t—” She was cut off by a roar of thunder. The sky lit up with several bolts of lightning. Natasha screamed, squeezing her eyes shut.
      When she opened them, the man was gone. She spun around, but he was nowhere to be seen. “Hey!” she shouted.
      The only answer was another blast of thunder. The trees swayed in the wind, sending leaves falling to the ground. There’s a man, he wanders around the cemetery. No one knows who he is, but we’ve all seen him, Maggie at the visitor’s center had said. Natasha jolted, almost as though she herself had been struck by lightning. Without another second’s hesitation, she turned and sprinted down the path.      
      Rain poured down on her, and the wind pushed against her face and chest as if it were trying to force her back. She jumped over a log, but when she landed, her foot slipped in the mud. She grabbed for the nearest branch, but it was too slick to get a hold on. She fell, the heavy books in her bag smacking her on the back. Mud splattered in her face. She tried to wipe it from her eyes, but her hands and arms were soaked, and she only smeared the mud around. She blinked until she could open her eyes and see the ground—fuzzy and brown—in front of her. She tried to stand, but the mud was like quicksand, and it pulled her back down. 
      A hand grabbed her arm.
      Natasha screamed.  


Re-realease date: Tuesday, April 11th

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