Sunday, April 9, 2017

City of Secrets: More Characters

More character teasers! Enjoy!

 Frankie brought the paper airplane to her lips and planted a kiss next to the word “witch,” leaving an imprint in black—the color of the lipstick she’d reapplied after lunch. Frankie glared at Laurel, aimed, and launched the paper airplane. “Bullseye,” she said when it hit Laurel in the back of the head, ruffling her perfect hair.
      “Hey!” Laurel shrieked, turning around and glaring at Frankie. 
       “Ms. Moreno!” Mr. Rosen called over the gasps. The entire class—except for the heavy sleepers—turned to face Frankie.
      “Sorry, Mr. Rosen. Just giving Laurel the kiss of death. You can go back to whatever it was you were talking about.” Half of the class laughed, while the other half called out “ooh” in a sing-song tone.    

      Mr. Rosen’s face turned red, but he didn’t look surprised. He stepped forward, though this had no effect on Frankie, considering that she was in the last row. “Ms. Moreno, we are not going to start off the year this way.”
      “Wow, you can get your voice to change pitch! You should try that during your lectures. It might keep people awake.” Frankie, shut up, she told herself. You said you were going to do things differently this year. She had said that, but breaking old habits was hard.


Re-realease date: Tuesday, April 11th

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