Monday, April 17, 2017

Haikus or something

Twitter told me it's National Haiku Poetry Day (that's what Twitter is good for), so here are all the haikus I can find that I've written. :)

Lush pines standing proud
Whisper of a flowing stream
Two foes embracing.


My brain turns to mush
Seeps out my ears to the floor
Licked up by the worms.


Winter is the best,
When all is cold and frigid
Like pretty corpses.


They hide in darkness--
Shapes emerge from the shadows
To swallow you up.


Blood isn’t like wine.
It’s pure refreshing water.
Yours is the sweetest.


I love a full moon
That’s hidden behind the clouds.
The prey think they’re safe.


She loves red roses.
They make her think of the blood
of her dead lovers.


Your screams give me thrills.
I’m only getting started.
Won’t you scream louder?

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