Friday, September 11, 2015

Turning Rejection into Love

     I took the most frequently used words in my rejection letters from agents and turned them into a love poem. 
     Because what else am I going to do with rejection letters? Other than decorate them with encouragement stickers and hang them on the wall. 
     Seriously though, it's hard to stay positive during the querying process, so I'm trying to do fun little things here and there to lighten up the process. I saw an agent on Twitter had made a poem out of the most frequently used phrases in query letters ('a new take on vampires' was in there. Note to self: take that phrase out of query), so I thought I could do the same thing. 
     So, here you go. (Now just so we're clear, I said I turned my rejection letters into a love poem. I never said I turned them into a good love poem.) 


You are the literary material.

You are the best fit for me.

I consider others unfortunate

without your endeavors.

I project to you my wish

to give us an opportunity and

I thank the agencies above

for the opportunity to make to you this query,

for you are indeed the very best.