Sunday, May 8, 2016

I get it! Not all men

     I didn’t understand this whole “not all men” thing at first. I was upset and, like a lot of people, I was thinking, “that’s not the point.” But I think maybe I get it now, because here’s the thing: I know a lot of really great men. Many of my male family members and friends are good, stand-up guys. They respect women. They fight for women’s rights. They understand that women are not treated equally. They get angry and upset on behalf of women. They know that women are more than just sexual objects. They appreciate the fact that women have amazing minds and a great deal to offer the world. They enjoy movies, shows, and books with strong female leads. They’re comfortable working side-by-side with women and even comfortable with a woman as a boss. They encourage the women in their family to have equal say in decisions.  
     It’s thinking about my male friends that helps me to understand “not all men.” Because I realized that not all men have the qualities I just listed.
     Not all men understand that women still are not treated equally. Not all men want women to be treated equally.
     Not all men want women in the work place.
      Not all men respect women.
      Not all men care what women have to say.
     Not all men think women are more than objects.
     Not all men care what’s behind a pretty face.
     Not all men realize or care that it’s humiliating and even frightening to be whistled at by a group of men.
     Not all men care when women say “no.”
     So yeah, I get it.
     Not all men.